indentA German proverb states, “Nothing is as new as something which has been long forgotten”. 

indentMy photography searches the soul of the forgotten. I seek to portray it in new light.  Focusing on the abandoned and showing the beauty that neglect often reveals. Bringing back life and forcing the viewer to acknowledge the dignity that pervades despite years of abandonment by recognizing the integrity of what still remains and how beauty has changed.

indentI help the viewer to focus on specific rooms in the abandoned houses I experience. Personal items like toiletries or things relating to preparation for sleep still reveal a human's touch. Often they are things associated with our nightmares and the surreal. 

indentIn much art the beauty is obvious. I challenge myself to find the beauty that isn't obvious and bring that to the viewer. The evidence of time's passage and decay drives my creativity and compells me to capture this in a way where there is no denying it’s beauty.

indentThe choice of using all the colors or only black and white depends on the mood of the photograph. Many of the places I photograph have very strong colors that have stood the test of time and have even become more dramatic. I prefer black and white when the mood demands more drama and lends to the surreal nature in much of my photography.

indentThe most important element is overcoming fear. Fear of what I will find and even fear for my life on some of my ventures. This intensity makes my work very personal and this added element is exquisite and is evident in my most sucessful photographs.

indentI can appreciate other artists. I met Tim West while looking for places to photograph along a county road. I came across a bicycle fence and met the artist who created it. He then become my subject. What started out as an environmental portrait session has turned into a full-blown documentary. With my photos, I am telling his story by presenting his body, environment, and his art. Documenting his work through time and how it changes has become an important element in this work. This is how I approach an abandoned house. Many times I will return to the same house to continue documenting it only to find that it no longer exists. I want to document Tim’s work while I can. His work mimics mine in subject matter and the temporary aspects of them. Here today, gone tomorrow….

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